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Spring sunshine,

 April 2012 the Garrison battery built in 1740 to protect the harbour of St Marys

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Just enough breeze for the sailors.

For the seasoned sailor or have a go enthusiast. There's something for everyone here on the islands

you can hire sail boats, dingys, and windsurfers from the beach at porth mellon.

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 "Seahorse " off to St Agnes for Sunday lunch and a walk.

 Rest and relax at Old Town bay, is this really England in April.

How to get to the Islands.

By road or  train to Penzance, then there's a choice.

By sea for the 2 1/2 hr crossing on the RMV Scillonian. Contact the Isles of Scilly Steamship group.
Or out to landsend for a short 15 min hop by fixed wing aircraft.
visit,  www.isles of
The excitement of 20 mins flight by helicopter, with British International Helicopters.
Deyails can be found at,

If you dont relish the drive to Penzance, then you have the option of direct flights to the Islands on the Skybus operated  twin otter from Southhampton, Bristol, Exeter or Newquay. Via The Isles of Scilly Skybus.



Church rd  

St Marys 

Isles of Scilly

TR21 0NA